Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Dupuytren's contracture :(

my therapist told me today that it does look like my hand may not show much more improvement.
 the trigger finger surgery seems to have been a success but
i still cannot close the hand into a fist or straighten it flat.
(makes doing yoga practically impossible - and quite painful)

i have an appt with my hand surgeron on monday so i will see what he has to say.
in the meantime - i am "closing" my etsy shop for the rest of the month.
i  need some time to regroup and get my life organized!
life without use of my right hand has created lots of little pockets disorganization throughout my home.

i will keep my shop open so customers can window shop
and even make  a purchase
purchases will not be processed until the beginning of december.

i am now offering GIFT CERTIFICATES on all of my products.
several are already available but i will be glad to offer custom gift certificates.
and as an incentive to do your Christmas shopping early
i am offering FREE SHIPPING.

so check it out and tell your friends and family!

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