Friday, February 25, 2011

lots of requests for designer accordion organizers lately

i used to make these - 100's and 100's of them over the past 4 years.

now i am so busy with my designer carriers/envelopes that i rarely post any in my shop.

 but...every now and then i get an email from a customer who shopped at crunchy cute asking if i still make them. last week a return customer named sara who wrote to me
"Last year, I purchased a "Designer Cash / Budget / Coupon Accordion Organizer 13 open Pocket STANDARD size - Amy Butler, French Wallpaper in Orange"...  and I LOVE LOVE it.
 I've used the fire out of it - and I've bought others, but none hold up like this one has."
so i made these two for her.
 hope she loves them and they serve her well.

more new fabrics!

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