Thursday, September 29, 2011

pre op appt today with dr seiler

first i must say i just love my hand surgeon, dr seiler.
 i feel very confident putting my hand in his hands!
he was actually on the cover of atlanta magazine last year.
so he is a cutie pie on top of being the best at what he does!

and i love my husband much, much more!
he actually left work to meet me at the appt this morning.
he knows that i am
a bit apprehensive about the whole thing and
that i would need his emotional support.

the surgery is scheduled for next wednesday at 10:30.
the doctor says the post op bandage will be the size of a boxing glove.
then i return the next day to get the bandage changed and start PT.
they do not waste any time. they want me to start using the hand quickly.
i am thinking that i may be able to start sewing sooner than i thought!

the doctor told me he would be playing country music while he did the surgery.
 i am not a fan
but whatever it takes to make him comfortable is cool with me.
 i will have 2 iv's:  one for the surgery hand
 and one for me.
he said it would be like having two martinis.
again, cool with me!

i will try to remember to get my husband to take a photo of my hand tonight.
just keep me in your prayers. i am a bit of a baby :(

Giveaway - Large Accordion Organizer with wipeable Oilcloth

Measures 10 1/2" x 6"
THis is was a very UGLY duckling plastic accordion organizer
 that i made into a pretty princess
black and white polka dot oilcloth fabric!
laminated so you can wipe it clean!
Plus there are 2 plastic pockets in back for your driver's license and other cards!
add a comment below to enter to win!
giveaway will be held on october 7th at 7pm and winner will be announced at that time.
if you are the winner - just email me your address and i will get it in the mail to you the next day!
good luck!

a funny story

from one of my recent customers after telling her that her order was in the mail to her:

" it is so funny -- i was showing a friend of mine what i ordered through your shop and she pulled her new designer cash envelopes out of her purse.
 she ordered the identical thing from you not too long ago! ha! :) thanks again -- can't wait to see them & get to using them! :) -blessings, amber"

i love that!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

hand surgery :( free shipping :)

my HAND SURGERY has been scheduled for October 5th!
 i have put it off as long as i can :)
some of you may remember last year i had to close my shop
for several weeks while i was on hand rest due to swollen tendons  in my right hand.
and yes, i am right handed!

well, after that i got a cortisone shot, PT and used specially formed hand splints
 but to no avail.
i have to face it. i need the surgery :(

here is a link that shows exactly what is involved with trigger finger.

sadly, i will be unable to sew for 3-4 weeks while my hand heals :(
and i still have a gazillion orders to get out before the surgery (!)
26 to be exact.
but... i plan to leave my etsy shop open so you can window shop -
and i will be available to answer emails...
 if you want to purchase something 
- feel free but
 please know that i will not be able to get to your order
 until after the doctor gives me the ok to work again.

- it will be at least a month before i get to your order!
 just in time to start your november budget and
get those
christmas gifts purchased!

and for all my blog friends...
if you make a purchase - you get free shipping!

just tell me in the message to the seller or email me
after your purchase that you read my blog
and want free shipping
and it will be yours!

oh and i plan to blog about the whole surgery ordeal.
what else do i have to do during that time?
i will not be able
to sew but i figure i can hunt and peck with my left hand!

and just to make it interesting -
i will be throwing in a giveaway
every now and then!

 i will have my husband take a photo of my hand now
so we can compare it
to the finished product in about 4 weeks.
stay tuned for the photos!
and thanks for your prayers.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

congrats to sweet 55

sweet 55 (dale) won the oilcloth set! thank you everyone for your feedback, comments and support!
stay tuned. i have a few other goodies to giveaway between now and the next scheduled giveaway on october 7th! thanks again

winner of giveaway to be announced at 6 pm!

hi everyone!
i am going to ask my husband to pull the winning name for the giveaway...
good luck.
the winning name is to be announced in moments!!
cathy :)

reminder - giveaway today :)

6:00 pm today! stay tuned... we have about 62 entries from my circle on etsy and a few comments on the blog - plus some folks have left feedback for me too so they are entered twice!
good luck to everyone!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

new fabrics just in!

watch for new fabrics in my etsy shop or if you can't wait and you want a carrier set out of one of these new fabrics - just email me!

giveaway postponed to next wednesday the 14th

this is a first! no comments about this cute oilcoth cash only set?!
this has never happened! this makes me sad :(

there are lots of entries from etsy folks leaving feedback
and adding me to their circle
but...i was hoping for some comments from other folks.

where are my 20 followers?! :)
i miss you!

Friday, September 2, 2011

FIVE Designer Oilcloth Cash Envelopes with Carrier and Zipper Pouch - Giveaway!

giveaway to be held wednesday - september 7th at 9pm

one of my newest ideas... oil cloth cash only envelope system.

this is a super cute and more ECONOMICAL option to my
canvas duck cotton sets.
duck cotton fabric prices are on the rise
(is there a shortage of ducks somewhere or something ?!)
so i wanted to find a more frugal option for cash only budgeting.

introducing a set of oilcloth envelopes/carrier and zipper pouch
for budgeting your money!

this is the best FRUGAL option for the cash only budget
PLUS they are DURABLE and WIPES CLEAN too!
wow! can change out the labels as your budget changes!
i use sticky labels and they adhere to the oilcloth so strongly

and... they can be taken off and changed out as your budget changes!

this system is designed for my CUSTOMERS WHO LIKE TO


1) FIVE designer ENVELOPES made with oilcloth
making these envelopes super duper sturdy AND so cute.
lined with wool felt so currency stays put!
each envelope set comes with a 6 BLANK fancy pants
sticky labels which you can personalize!

these envelopes are coordinating black ,white and red prints.

these envelopes are like little pockets of cute waitng to be filled up with your hard earned money.
durable and washable (!)
and will last for years to come!
and at an economical price!!

2) Oilcloth CARRIER with Red Polka Dot Cotton fabric lining
velcro closure
decorative button

3) Oilcloth ZIPPER POUCH to hold coins - unlined.

plenty of room for cards, drivers license...

to enter:
leave me a comment about this item

add me to your circle on etsy

3) leave me feedback on my etsy shop 

and don't forget to
tweet this -
tell your facebook friends -
get the word out that there is a great giveaway going on!

good luck!
cathy :)

Thursday, September 1, 2011

hi everyone! my monthly giveaway is still on for the 7th!!

i have not forgotten you! it has just been a wild couple of weeks. my tendonitis has flared up again.
well... here is the info from my shop posting (it will save me some typing with my hand)
my tendonitis has returned with a vengeance :(
after a fairly quiet year of only occasional flare ups.
i have been through therapy, splints and cortisone shots
in hopes of preventing the next step but
my doctor says it may be time for surgery.
so i am on hand rest now.
 i have been in the habit of completing
 4-5 orders a day so
cutting back to 2 orders should help!
 so far, so good.
for those of you who are curious about my ailment  - there is a link!
the tendinitis has created what is called
“trigger finger” or “locking finger” shown in the top two videos.
and yes – it does hurt!
 (the real live illustrations in the link are not for the faint at heart)
so that is what is up with me :(
some of you remember that i had to clsoe my shop for 4 weeks last year when
the problem first reared its ugly head!
i went to the hand doctor this morning and got another cortisone shot.
he was ready to do the surgery - but i guess i am not.
the doctor said the shot will delay surgery for 6-7 weeks
and MAY heal the hand completely this time.
(but he has his doubts)

the giveaway for the 7th is still on!!
so stay tuned. i will probably post it tomorrow.

thanks for all of your thoughts and prayers!
cathy :)

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