Thursday, September 29, 2011

pre op appt today with dr seiler

first i must say i just love my hand surgeon, dr seiler.
 i feel very confident putting my hand in his hands!
he was actually on the cover of atlanta magazine last year.
so he is a cutie pie on top of being the best at what he does!

and i love my husband much, much more!
he actually left work to meet me at the appt this morning.
he knows that i am
a bit apprehensive about the whole thing and
that i would need his emotional support.

the surgery is scheduled for next wednesday at 10:30.
the doctor says the post op bandage will be the size of a boxing glove.
then i return the next day to get the bandage changed and start PT.
they do not waste any time. they want me to start using the hand quickly.
i am thinking that i may be able to start sewing sooner than i thought!

the doctor told me he would be playing country music while he did the surgery.
 i am not a fan
but whatever it takes to make him comfortable is cool with me.
 i will have 2 iv's:  one for the surgery hand
 and one for me.
he said it would be like having two martinis.
again, cool with me!

i will try to remember to get my husband to take a photo of my hand tonight.
just keep me in your prayers. i am a bit of a baby :(

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