Wednesday, December 19, 2012

winner of giveaway!

my husband pulled the winning name and it is................

julie epperheimer english!

email me your address and the option of your choice
and i will send your package to you asap!

Friday, November 30, 2012

giveaway winner announced! new giveaway for december!!

my husband has pulled the winning name
and it is...

congratulations to you!
email me your address and i will get these in the mail to you!

for december's giveaway - TWO options in DECEMBER!

1)TWO of these cute DESIGNER groceries and clothing CASH ENVELOPES


2) TWO of these cute DESIGNER CASH ENVELOPES with blank labels


you can start entering today by:

- leaving me a comment on this blog - tell me which two you would love to win!

- following me on this blog

- liking and following me on facebook


- twitter

Giveaway ends on december 19th.
Enter as many times as you like!
Good luck to you :)

cathy :)

Friday, November 9, 2012

GIVEAWAY! TWO Designer Fabric Cash Envelopes

yay!!! another giveaway!

these envelopes are great for use with the dave ramsey financial peace budget system!
learn to ask yourself "is this a want or is this a need?"
 when you shop.
this little question has saved me so much money.
 for example...

i want starbucks but i need coffee! so yes, i allow myself starbucks once a week but i drink folgers or something similar during the week.
this is one of the ways we have become debt free.
beleive me, this cash only budgeting really works!
 it is much harder to hand someone cash as opposed to a credit card.
 you will really learn to pinch a penny.

these giveaway envelopes are labled "groceries" and "clothing".
they are lined with velcro so they will hold your paper currency and your coins.
 i found these cute fabrics last week and just had to make these envelopes.
these will be great to start out with the cash only system. start small and see how you do with two categories. then work your way into your other budget categories.

ways to enter:

do as many of these below as you like increase your chance to win:
1) leave me a comment on my blog.
2) like me on facebook
3) follow me on facebook
4) follow me on twitter
5) add me to your circle on etsy if you are not there already!
6) leave me positive feedback on etsy if you are visiting me after making a purchase.

so you have a chance to be entered 6 times!

giveaway starts today and ends on november 30th at 6:00pm. Open to US and Canada.

hope all that makes sense. email me if you have questions!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

giveaway - TWO designer fabric cash envelopes!

groceries and clothing designer cash envelopes
velcro closure to hold both coins and paper currency

steps to enter giveaway to be posted tomorrow afternoon!
talk to you then!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

giveaway's are coming back!

i am back in business with my sewing hand - slowly getting orders out after weeks of hand rest.
 went back to the therapist today to have my hand splints adjusted.
the right one was giving me fits at night.
now i think i will be able so sleep better with them on - as best as can be expected, anyway!


getting orders out and feeling good about working again. mailed these out this week to a customer in antioch, illinois.

i am ready to start the giveaways again! i found the cutest fabric - one with dresses and one with vegetables. i thought it would be fun to make a "clothing" envelope and a  "grocery" envelope. here is the fabric. i have started the envelopes but will finish them up later today. so watch for the giveaway to begin tomorrow!'

Friday, October 5, 2012

Ready To Ship Items

during my down time from sewing - i am able to slowly list many of the items i have made but had not yet placed in my shop. so continue to watch for lots of ready to ship items.
 here are just a few.
many more to follow!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Dupuytren's contracture

sadly, the plans i had to start up this blog again for the fall and offer giveaways again has to be put on hold :( but!...i am adding many ReAdy to ShiP items that are ready to go in the mail with Blank Labels. i will be adding many more so stay tuned.i am able to type - just very slowly and in short periods of time.  just check on the left hand side of my store front under Ready To Ship.)
a year ago i had surgery on my right hand for .
it was not really a total success (although it did not affect my ability to do things - especially sew!)
and i am having trouble with that same hand again
 AND also a few fingers on my left hand too.
 i am going on hand rest for several weeks till the end of october to see if i can avoid surgery.
 i have an appt on monday oct. 1. looks like i will start with cortisone shots and go from there.
you can see my progress last year here in this blog.

i know i will be good as new before i know it!
thanks, cathy :)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

all glory to god

i have such wonderful customers and blessings. i received the email below
 this morning.
it just blesses me beyond words that my
customers see the glory of god in my work!
god gave me my shop and my talent and all i hope to do is give it back to him.
pleasing my
customers is my highest goal.
yay for this email. this feedback is priceless.

"Hi Cathy.
Got my envelopes today. Love them! I am a mother of 4 boys and I can't tell you how good it did my heart to open a package of lovely girly things ;)
I can tell how much love you put into these little envelopes, you did a beautiful job. I would like to offer feedback if you can tell me how to do that.
Thank you.
Steph Kirk"

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

new fabrics!

just a few more of my newest purchases!
i haven't decided what i will giveaway next month but stay close by and i will post something soon :)
i am still trying to get back in the groove of blogging!

hello again! future giveaway! new fabrics!

hi! i am back!
 yep, i took a looooong summer off from blogging and giveaways
 but i am ready to begin again even bigger and better!
i have been looking high and low for some great new fabrics and even some oldie but goodies (that have been so popular through the years in my shop)
so, to start - i wanted to show you some of both of my recent fabric buys! i can't wait to make a carrier set with the pink prints maybe the carrier with the bird fabric!
 and i have already posted a carrier out of the black and green fabric you see on top.
 it comes with black envelopes and is only 33.97!
plus, i have a lot more new fabrics to post buyt i must get to my sewing for the day!
my next giveaway will be held the first saturday of next month - october 6!
 i will post the giveaway item later tonight!
good to be back :)

Friday, June 8, 2012




it is magic! 
well, not really but it really does stay put!
it is the friction of the canvas with the paper currency - i guess.
i suppose if  you turn them upside down and open them as wide as they
will go - the money will fall out
 but otherwise
 – the money does stay put!
I have been using my non velcro envelopes for years and years and never had any money fall out.
you can always check out my feedback - no one has ever complained in the past 4 years.
AND I have had soooo many return customers so
that reinforces to me that the envelopes are working for them too!
simply put,
the fabric envelopes are deep enough so that the money stays inside!
if you have a tendency to be a little rough with your purse  – then the Velcro envelopes would probably be your best option!


the carrier is designed and made to hold SIX envelopes.
i can enlarge the carrier as needed to hold the number of envelopes you need.
and depending on how large you need it
- there may be an additional charge.



yes, i will be glad to but... keep in mind that the carrier will need to be much larger than pictured
in order to hold that many envelopes.
the carrier is designed to hold only 6 envelopes because :
1) it is easier to handle
2) most folks do not like to take ALL of their cash with them where they go
3) when you go out - you usually only need  2-5 envelopes :
Groceries, Transportation, Household, Blow and a maybe few others.
you usually do not need Babysitter, Bills, Emergency Fund, Utilities, Tithe...
 every time you leave the house. so
i suggest you get a carrier to hold 6 then get a wrap to hold your other envelopes together.
but i will be GLAD to make a carrier any size you like!



these are great when you do want to use a carrier.
or if you are on a tight budget. they are very economical too
they hold all your envelopes snugly together.
i can also adjust the size of the cuff wrap to accommodate any number of envelopes you need.
i do suggest getting velcro envelopes if you are going to purchase the wrap
so tht the coins will stay in place
(hold both coins and paper currency)
get the non velcro envelopes with a coin pouch.



yes i do still make my signature quality designer accordion coupon organizers!
it will depend on my workload for cash envelopes though as to whether i can do a custom order.
you can see a lot of them here:
and from time to time i will list one in that shop.
i may have a few listed in my saving money in style shop but i am way busy making my cash systems now.
if you would like one - i can make one in most fabrics that you see in my shop.
just ask me and i will be glad to set up a listing for you.

i also make soft sided designer accordion organizers!
 any size you need. i have made them for super duper coupon queens with as many as 45 sections!!



my "sets" come with SIX envelopes - but you can purchase as many as you like
just email me! prices vary based on solid/designer or velcro/non velcro



i usually post my new fabrics here: (when i have time!)

also - look through my shop and
see if there are any fabrics that you like - then email me with your choices.
 i do have tons of fabric that is not posted. i just do not have time to post photos of all my babies.
email me with your color preference and pattern preference.



use a fine or extra fine tip pernament marker sharpie - it works great!



yes,  i also offer velcro closure
(a small square under the flap and on the base of the carrier)
at no extra charge.
it comes with or without a decorative button depending on your preference.
and I also offer and a magnetic snap!


YES! i have shipped all over the country and love my international customers!
just email me and i will quote you a price for shipping!


THE CARRIERS are approximately
8 1/2 - 10ish x 4- 4 1/2 ish depending on velcro or non velcro envelopes
i try to make them just large enough to hold 6 envelopes
and have wiggle room for access...

the envelopes are basically 6 1/2 x 3 for non velcro
and 7 x 3 1/2 for velcro.

now!  - if you have read this before emailing me with questions
i want to say THANK YOU!
feel free to email me if i have not answered your questions!


choosing the right budget system for you

Saving money in style cash envelope systems:

And easy 1 2 3 to choosing the right system for you!

First decide which type of budgeter you are:

Budget to the detail penny:

those who prefer to keep  coins and paper currency together in the same envelope )


Budget with less detail to the penny:

those who prefer to keep their paper currency separate from the coins )


If you are a budget to the detail penny type then

You will be purchasing envelopes with Velcro. These envelopes have industrial strength (not your grandmother’s Velcro) sewn across the top to keep coins in place.

If you budget with less detail


You will be purchasing envelopes without Velcro and  you will be getting a coin pouch to hold the coins. I offer coin pouches with Velcro  or a zipper whichever you prefer.

Once you have decided what type of budgeter you are:  detailed or not so detailed

................................Have you decided?!

Next decide if you want just the envelopes


if you want a SET which includes envelopes and a carrier or a wrap.

 I also offer envelopes with wraps as an alternative to the carrier for those who have a tight budget.

Some customers just get the envelopes and use their own coin pouch

Some get the envelopes with a wrap..

Others prefer to get a SET and use the carrier as their purse when shopping.  Some even get a  SET plus extra envelopes and a wrap to store those extra just all depends on your preference

After you have decided what type of budgeter you are : detail or not so detail

And have decided if you want just the envelopes or if you would prefer a SET with a carrier

 now you will be shopping for the STYLE of system that you like: DESIGNER /SOLID OR LAMINATE

this is the fun part!

These will all vary in price depending on the fabric type.

The LEAST EXPENSIVE options are

Solid envelopes and carriers or wraps – ( I offer a lighter weight canvas or a heavy weight canvas depending on your budget)


 Laminate/Oilcloth (these do not have velcro envelopes and are for the non detailed folks!)


if you have more money to spend:

The more LUXE options are

Designer fabric’s and carriers - I offer a designer carrier with solid envelopes

 or you can get the most expensive option : a SET with both designer envelops and designer .carrier
okay! sure hope that helped. Now enjoy the shopping and email me with any questions you may have about my products. And thanks for taking the time to read this :)

also if this is confusing - let me know!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

the giveaway winner is...

kathleen t (julias bird)
yay! you are the winner of the giveaway this month!
thanks everyone for your purchases from my shop and your wonderful feedback.
the feedback keeps me motivated :)
and thanks to those who have added me to your circle in etsy and
become a follower of this blog.

i am taking the summer off for giveaways but i hope you will continue to
check in and read my blog!

look for a tutorial in the future for my famous coupon organizers.

here are a few of the many that i have made throughout the years!

Friday, April 6, 2012

happy easter weekend to everyone!

my giveaway just happens to  fall on Easter weekend this month
so i am postponing it till next saturday the 14th.
plus i noticed that  i haven't even posted the giveaway photos yet so i need to do that, right?!
i have not been real good about keeping up with this blog and need to regroup a bit with my work load - you think?
andi am thinking that  i will stop doing giveaways through the summer months - starting in may.
i really need some more family and friends time!
so here are the photos:

FOUR Velcro lined sturdy duck cotton canvas cash envelopes in pretty jewel colors!
great for maintaining your budget with both paper and coins combined in one envelope!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

these carrier sets will last for years to come!

today i got an email from a customer (out of the blue)
from my previous shop (crunchycute) (where it all started)
"I am still using this wallet! Love it."
so there you go...
these cash envelopes and carriers will last you for years :)
how sweet was that for her to take the time to let me know that?!

i just LoVe my customers sooo much!

winner of giveaway...

thank you to everyone who left me
 and wonderful feedback
are now in my etsy circle!

critterchickey - email me your address and your 6 categories for your envelopes
and i will get this in the mail to you!

stay tuned for next month's giveaway...
and thanks again :)

new fabrics to be posted soon.
just reaaaalll busy with orders right now!!

featured in Blissfully Domestic this month!

what an adorable blog and soooo much great information!
i could spend hours reading the articles.
if you are interested
here is the link about cash only budgeting and my little shop!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

next month's giveaway to be held march 7th

SIX Cash Solid Brown Envelopes  with Designer Carrier and Coin Pouch

winner of giveaway...

courtney waters!

courtney - you qualified to be entered 3 times for this drawing!
thank you!
so just email me your address and i will get this in the mail to you!!!


Thursday, February 2, 2012

giveaway!! february 7th

SIX Oilcloth unlined but sturdy cash envelopes
 with Oilcloth Carrier and Zipper Pouch
to enter:
 1) leave a comment on this posting
2) add me to your etsy circle
3) leave me feedback if you have purchased an item from my shop
4) become a follower on this blog!

and if you do all four - you will be entered 4 times!!!
plus tweet or do your FB thing to spread the word and let me know in your comment to be entered again!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

god is blessing my socks off!

this is the reason i do this! these words motivate me and keep me going day to day as i sew and sew and sew!!
all the glory goes to god. thank you to my customers for taking the time to let me know that you are happy with your purchases.
i am just thrilled to read your feedback. i pray that i can continue to provide a high quality product for years to come, god willing!
and it is great to know that my hand surgery and all those pesky complications did not affect the quality of my work :)
Sara Signorelli (sarasignorelli) says:
These envelopes are very well made. 2 fabrics, a decorative cotton for the outside and a sturdier one for the inside, are well surged and stitched. The set is not bulky but has some umpf. I'd wager it'll last years and years going in and out of my purse! She puts a nice ribbon with pretty beads on the end to wrap around for closure, and should you choose to get the coin purse you'll find it's ~very~ secure. No coins will fall out of this baby. Mostly though, I'm impressed with the stitching. Very well constructed. Three thumbs up. ^^

Saturday, January 7, 2012

tonight's giveaway winner is jenny!

she said "these envelopes are soo cute..just what i have been looking for to begin my money saving new year resolution"

jenny  just email me your address to
congratulations!! and i sure hope this system helps you start to save money in style!

i will post next month's giveaway sometime tomorrow!
thanks everyone for your support and participation :)

giveaway today - winner to be chosen at 7pm tonight

i need to move the time of the giveaway from 5pm to 7pm tonight!
so stay tuned :)
and good luck!

Friday, January 6, 2012

happy new year!

hope everyone had a wonderful christmas. and heres hoping for a blessed new year for each of us!
here is a short update on my hand since so many have been emailing me over the holidays.

 my physical therapy has been decreased from 4 time a week to 2 times a week now.
still working on the scar tissue and the dupuytren.
it is preventing me from closing my hand and fingers all the way.
plus there is still some pain b/c the tendons are so tight.
 i go back to the hand surgeon on the 19th of this month.
what a long process. the surgery was in early october.
who knew i would still be struggling with this??!!
but... no more "trigger finger", so that is a good thing!
 just a few complications that the therapist and doctor say will heal in time.

on a more positive note....
we went to the beach after christmas to get away from it all.
here is my favorite photo from the trip. i got up every morning to watch the sunrise.
something i look forward to everytime i visit the beach.

and... i guess tomorrow is the big giveaway. 
 looks like we have 3 comments so far
and i have had a boat load of additions to my circle
and wonderful feedback from my buyers.
so looks like a good number of entries for this month!
good luck to everyone :)

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