Saturday, April 14, 2012

the giveaway winner is...

kathleen t (julias bird)
yay! you are the winner of the giveaway this month!
thanks everyone for your purchases from my shop and your wonderful feedback.
the feedback keeps me motivated :)
and thanks to those who have added me to your circle in etsy and
become a follower of this blog.

i am taking the summer off for giveaways but i hope you will continue to
check in and read my blog!

look for a tutorial in the future for my famous coupon organizers.

here are a few of the many that i have made throughout the years!

Friday, April 6, 2012

happy easter weekend to everyone!

my giveaway just happens to  fall on Easter weekend this month
so i am postponing it till next saturday the 14th.
plus i noticed that  i haven't even posted the giveaway photos yet so i need to do that, right?!
i have not been real good about keeping up with this blog and need to regroup a bit with my work load - you think?
andi am thinking that  i will stop doing giveaways through the summer months - starting in may.
i really need some more family and friends time!
so here are the photos:

FOUR Velcro lined sturdy duck cotton canvas cash envelopes in pretty jewel colors!
great for maintaining your budget with both paper and coins combined in one envelope!

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