Wednesday, March 16, 2016

It's the little things in life

I have been running my Etsy shop for over 8 years - starting with Crunchy cute and renaming the shop a few years later to Saving Money in Style to give it a more branded name.

Through the years I have worked with so many sweet people. I noticed a year or so ago people were coming back to the shop wanting another set of envelopes. They said after 5, 6, 7 years their envelopes were finally wearing out! Wow! When I came up with this idea I had no idea #1 it would be so successful, #2 I would start a cottage industry and # 3 they would last so many years! What a perfect product for the budget minded!

I have had so many heart warming emails over the years. They kept me going. And even yesterday - they are still coming. I asked Donna if I could share her email with you and she said of course.
It is the little things in life that make my heart happy.
Think about who you can email, send a note or talk to today and tell them something from your heart.

Hi! I was looking through my old orders and saw this. I had ordered a set of cloth envelopes a little over a year ago. I just wanted to let you know that I have used them since I bought them and despite the constant use, and sometimes finding their way into toddler hands, they are still in excellent condition! My husband often gets tired of prints and things after awhile and even he recently said, even after a year these prints are still pleasant to look at. Granted he doesn't carry them around like I do but he does on occasion. I don't know how to edit or add another review but just wanted to let you know we are going on a year and the quality is still obviously great.

Thank you,
Donna Hooton

been awhile since i loved on my SMIS shop and this blog

I have been neglecting Saving Money in Style a bit. :(

But I see that I still have many followers on my blog and for that I say thank you and I am sorry!

Guess that is what happens after 8 years of sewing cash envelopes?!
I still love the picking out the fabrics and I especially love my customers, but I have to admit, sewing the same patterns
over and over again for 8 years sort of starting getting to me!
Plus I would have to guess there is now about 20 different cash envelope sellers since I started the idea.

So, I have been spending about 99% of my time developing my new Etsy shop where I can be more creative.
I am having a blast.

But, in the meantime, I am going through my SMIS stash and finding all kinds of goodies.
Like these Japanese, linen zipper envelopes I made.
Aren't they the cutest? Love this fabric.
Thye can be used for so many things but they are perfect for cash only budgeting too.
They hold paper currency and coins. Plus, there is a cute little place for a label.
I will be posting these in my dusty little SMIS shop sometime this week and hoping to dust off some of the cobwebs and give the shop a bit more attention.

etsy is offering an update for our shops starting in april

I am going to use this as a cover page instead of my banner! I think it shows more of what Saving Money in Style is all about. Watch for the change in early April!
Also added a new avatar and a photo of myself. I think they may be live right now?
Check it out!
cover page

my cash only story...

__________________ MY STORY in more detail___________________________
Back in 2007, my husband and I attended
Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace Seminar. 
We loved the concept of “cash only” and took to it right away,
but it wasn’t long before I got tired of using paper envelopes for my cash. 
I wanted something more hip, tasteful, modern and sturdy!
I looked everywhere for something like it - but no one had thought of it!
 So I made myself some designer fabric cash envelopes/carrier
And a few months later, in january of 2008,
 I started to sell them on esty under the name of crunchy cute.
Crunchy cute was my business where I used to sell purses, cuffs, pins…
  during outdoor festivals in Atlanta.
 My tag for crunchy cute was “modern day hippie with a touch of dainty and adorable” (over 1400 sales!)
but the cash envelope business took off and I had to put the purses…on hold.
I changed my shop name in june of  2010 to
 Saving Money In Style
to showcase my budget related products.
… and here I am today.
Since then, many other  etsy sellers have gotten on the band wagon
and claimed "fabric envelopes" as their own.
(what a world, what a world!)
there are A LOT of imitators but only one "saving money in style!"
Since 2008 on Etsy – my little shop has grown by leaps and bounds. I have been contacted by numerous companies and have been able to promote my items worldwide. I was featured in All You magazine in January 2010 and also have had the stamp of approval from the Dave Ramsey folks!
And today – my husband and I are DEBT free with the exception of our mortgage
 and we are working on that!
My biggest lesson - I  ask myself when shopping for food, clothes....
"Is this a want or it this a need?"
When I stop to ask that before making a purchase - more often than not
I put the item back!
Yes, it is painful, because I always want it badly
 but...this simple question has saved me tons of money.
Plus it is much more painful handing over cash than handing over a debit or credit card!
I hope and pray that will help you too!
To God be all the glory!
Proverbs 16:3
Commit your works to the Lord and your plans will be established.
Isaiah 55:8-9
For my thoughts are not your thoughts,
   neither are your ways my ways, declares the LORD.
For as the heavens are higher than the earth,
   so are my ways higher than your ways
   and my thoughts than your thoughts.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Going in a different direction for my sanity

For those of you who are following me - I have been winding down my shop. Not making any new items...but I miss the ability to offer something so functional and helpful to people! So, I think I have come up with an idea that will keep my sanity!
SO here is where I am at this point!

After coming up with the fabric cash envelope idea back in 2008 - I have made hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of sets for people!
I started out using designer fabrics but after a few years I started making more one of a kind sets.
This is where my heart is at this point.
So many have taken the fabric cash envelope idea and started their own shops.
Etsy is saturated with the same old thing.
 And to think back in 2008, I was the only one selling these!

In order to keep my sanity - I am going to focus on making one of a kind sets.
I am going through my stash and finding things I made throughout the years so I will be posting some designer sets along the way.
But - I am going to focus on using my creativity and make these one of a kind, unique sets for those who would like something a little different.
I am trying to keep my prices as low as I can because the pricing has gotten out of hand on Etsy. These sets should be somewhat affordable since we are talking about budgeting! I want you to have something stylish but affordable!

Friday, June 19, 2015

It has been a good run!


I am beginning to wind down with my current shop - Saving Money in Style.
I am happy to have created this cottage industry and provide hundreds and hundreds of folks with cash envelopes.
Plus it created over 20 or so similar shops on Etsy over the years. 
Many folks took my idea (in a respectful way by coming up with variations of the idea)
and were able to make money for themselves and help others with cash budgeting. Yay!
Others, unfortunately copied my idea, my descriptions, my fabrics... and then lowered my price by a dollar or so to attract customers.
 As upsetting as that is, it is life and it is all in God's hands.
I have been doing this since 2008 and although I feel like it is my "baby" I really need to move on to other creative endeavors!
I would appreciate your thought and prayers as I start a new journey.
I will be back here from time to time to update my progress. Thank you to all who have supported me and continued to follow me even though I am not a social media girl.
Love and hugs,
cathy :)

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Custom Listing

Cute custom listing for a customer in Texas.
She picked out her envelope colors as well as her zipper colors!

taking some time off :( for hand rest

Just posted in my Shop Announcement in my Saving Money in Style shop!


I will be going through my stash of already made goodies and listing new items while I am healing  so stay tuned!

I am really bummed but I have no choice. My hand and fingers were cramping and the pain is just too intense. to continue.

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