Tuesday, January 14, 2014


i think it is fun to offer my readers and customers at saving money in style
a chance to get something free!

so i am offering another giveaway this month.
these giveaways are not your typical high profile giveaways.
i do not advertise and i rarely have the time to tweet, facebook and even blog.

so for those of you who are reading my blog and for those of you who are customers of my little shop - this giveaway if for you.
my way of saying thanks and that i appreciate you!

this month's giveaway will be on the 31st.
 i will try to do a giveaway each month and announce the winner at the end of each month.

if you want to "enter" the giveaway just leave me a comment or like me on my facebook page...

and those who have purchased from me -
 leave me some (hopefully positive!)
feedback on my shop

like i said, not a real high tech giveaway - i am not a big social media gal.
believe me i have tried.
but i just cannot seem to make the time to do that sort of thing! i love to sew!

but i do want to "give back" to those of you who have been loyal readers and those of you who enjoy my products!

so... enough of that.

this month's giveaway is a cute zipper pouch with 5 brown non Velcro envelopes.
the pouch has room if you want to add your own coin pouch too!

 these envelopes are made by another seamstress. she helped me out when i had hand surgery.

i was trying to keep up with orders at that time but was not allowed or even able to sew at that time.

she didn't exactly make them the way i do.
but they are made out of my sturdy canvas fabric and serve the purpose well.
the thing i am not happy with is the sewing showing on the outside is not perfect so much.
most folks are not bothered by that - in fact - she gives sewing lessons here in Atlanta and has her own sewing studio.
 so there you go. it is just not the way i would do it!

see - here is another reason i don't do this stuff! these photos were  upright when i inserted it but now
i have to take time to go back and figure out how to make it right side up then insert again -
so that gets old! for someone who wants to be creative and is not fond of tech stuff.
+++ i will fix this but right now i need to get back to my orders!

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