Saturday, July 23, 2011

giveaway - monkey cash only pouch with five cash envelopes!

i made this darling monkey themed pouch as an alternative to the carriers that i sell on etsy!
i wanted to design a holder for cash envelopes that would be functional, super cute but perfect for the thrifty budgeter inside each of us!
this adorable money pouch is lined with velcro to hold your cash envelopes in place
then embellished with a cute little fabric flower.
 the pouch easily holds five fabric cash only envelopes plus it even has some room leftover for your checkbook, drivers license...
fabric envelopes are open without velcro but will hold both coins and paper currency due to the snugness of the monkey pouch! this keeps the cost down for you!
this is a brand new design and will be listed in my etsy shop soon.
so if you do not win this one - you can purchase it at a very reasonable price!
leave me a comment about this item/add me to your circle in my etsy shop or become a "follower" on this blog to have your name added to the giveaway or
do all three and have 3 chances to win!

giveaway to be held on august 7th at 6pm!

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