Wednesday, October 19, 2011

making progress!

went to physical therapy again yesterday.
learned a few more exercises to help with the flexibility of my fingers and palm.
they say i am making good progress.
 i do get impatient sometimes.
 i was told that the palm of the hand is one of the hardest areas to heal.
 NOW they tell me!

the palm tends to want to heal in a relaxed position, rather than open wide
 b/c our hands are rarely wide open during the day.
 i have to wear a splint at night to protect the
wound but  tomorrow they will adjust that splint to keep my hand straight at night.
this will promote the healing in the correct position.
 needless to say - i am not sleeping too soundly these days with a splint strapped to my hand!

i continue with my heat and ice
and daily exercises about 5- 6 times a day.
 so far, so good.
i am motivated.
it has been over 1 1/2 years that i have been dealing with the pain in my right hand,
 so whatever it takes.

and whoo hooo!
i can finally sort of hold my toothbrush in my hand. it is a bit messy but much better than using my left hand! my "fist" is pitiful at this point. i am not able to fully grasp or grip anything. so you can imagine what you would not be able to do!
(i will post a photo so you can see my best "fist" at this point)

the therapist says i will not be back to "normal" for another 3-4 weeks.

i still cannot hold my iron in my right hand for pressing fabric :(
it is a professional (heavy) iron and it actually hurts to pick it up.
and it can be quite awkward and dangerous!
my left hand is trying, but i will look forward
to reaching the goal of  ironing. (never thought i would EVER say that!)

i started using my sewing machine on monday.
my sweet husband is helping me with cutting fabric.
(still a challenge for me)
sewing is sloooooooooooow going.
i am so happy to be able to be working again!

thank you for ALL of your well wishes, words of encouragement, instruction and prayers!!
ya'll have really supported me
you continue to help me get through this :)

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