Friday, October 7, 2011

congratulations to kathryn!

you won the large accordion coupon organizer!

warning! the photo below can cause fainting :)

the doctor took the bandage off yesterday. i can hardly look at it. it literally made me light headed.
 i am certainly not meant to work as a nurse or doctor.
 thats me looking away as my husband takes the photo.
 i am still trying not to look at it even though i have to clean it daily.
 physical therapy showed me several exercises to do 10 reps every other hour.
 i do no have much flexibility in my fingers. you can see that the middle one
 (the one i had the most  trouble with) is resisting the most.
today i am able to use both hands for typing but my hand will not open all the way so when i type certain letters - ouch! but there is progress!
 the giveaway is still planned for later today. will talk to you then.

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