Friday, October 28, 2011

bummer day :(

i went back to physical therapy again today. my doctor still says 3 times a week.
i am told that my scar tissue is impeding my progress.
 she says most people are able to close their fingers down to their fist by now.
there is still a lot of scar tissue and bruising in my palm. and it hurts a lot and is so sensitve.

it is a bit discouraging, i must admit. but i am plugging along. sewing is slooow but i am enjoying being at the sewing machine again.
i am thinking of making a big change in my shop.
i am considering only posting items that are completed and ready to ship - rather than the way it is now. now, you can "shop" for all kinds of items and then customers  wait until i can get to their order and then mail it out. i usually run 2 weeks out due to all my orders. (and that is sewing for 6-7 hours a day!)

so i am just thinking of ways to cut back on my sewing hours.
becasue i am not sure if you know this but
the sewing is what got me to the surgery in the first place!
i love it so much but i think i need to work at a slower pace from now on.
quality of life is more important than making a few dollars!

stay tuned. my shop may be changing!

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