Saturday, January 5, 2013

LABEL options in my shop - 3 options

i am now offering a few different options for labels 
here is a rundown of the 3 options:
1) STANDARD  blank on white labels
2) STANDARD  printed on white labels.
 3) printed on a kahki type fabric with a sewn border coordinating with fabric
note* none of my labels are  peel-and-stick labels.  these are sturdy long lasting labels!
1) STANDARD labels as seen below:
these will come blank or personalized
depending on your preference.
DIY with a fine tip permanent marker - great if you have not decided on the categories yet or if this is a gift for someone
AND they will come as seen (scalloped) but if you specify i can make them squared off instead.

OR i can print your PERSONALIZED CATEGORIES on these labels as seen in the 2nd and 3rd photos below.
these labels blank or personalized are free of charge!

1) STANDARD blank labels (FREE)
2) STANDARD custom labels (FREE)
3) LUXE Personalized Labels on fabric with
Sewn Border as seen below:
these have a coordinating sewn border with your personal categories printed on khaki fabric
these are my original idea and what i have offered in my shop for years.
 these are meant to be personalized and not left blank
but if you want them blank - I can do that for you.
you will need to use a fine tip permanent marker as opposed to me printing them for you.
 these are more labor intensive and actually cost more to produce so this year
 i need to charge a small fee.
(making these babies for 100's of orders  in the past many years
along with all the sewing i have been doing caused me to need hand surgery :(
 (you can read about it in this blog)
i am trying to avoid a second hand surgery by offering several other options and not offering them for FREE anymore!
so feel free to get these if you have your heart set on them!
i will be glad to make them for you!
small charge for 6 personalized labels:
look for the listing in my shop" LUXE"


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