Tuesday, January 24, 2012

god is blessing my socks off!

this is the reason i do this! these words motivate me and keep me going day to day as i sew and sew and sew!!
all the glory goes to god. thank you to my customers for taking the time to let me know that you are happy with your purchases.
i am just thrilled to read your feedback. i pray that i can continue to provide a high quality product for years to come, god willing!
and it is great to know that my hand surgery and all those pesky complications did not affect the quality of my work :)
Sara Signorelli (sarasignorelli) says:
These envelopes are very well made. 2 fabrics, a decorative cotton for the outside and a sturdier one for the inside, are well surged and stitched. The set is not bulky but has some umpf. I'd wager it'll last years and years going in and out of my purse! She puts a nice ribbon with pretty beads on the end to wrap around for closure, and should you choose to get the coin purse you'll find it's ~very~ secure. No coins will fall out of this baby. Mostly though, I'm impressed with the stitching. Very well constructed. Three thumbs up. ^^

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