Wednesday, October 12, 2011

halloween costumes

while i wait it out and get the "OK" to begin sewing again -
i was going through my costumes yesterday (with my left hand!)
and came across so many memories from years ago!

i LoVe making my own costumes.
my mom always made our costumes for halloween when we were growing up and i thought it was great. my costume was always original - not one of those store bought costumes.
and becasue i worked in the nursing home business for so many years,
i not only dressed up for halloween but also
dressed up for special days like "wear your pajamas to work" or "it's fun to be a kid again day".
and for some reason i have kept most of my costumes.

and yesterday i decided i really didn't need to keep them any longer!
 (well maybe my wigs, long gloves and tiaras...!)

so i threw out my crunchy Janis Joplin hippie costume, scarecrow, little girl dress with pinafore costume (well, maybe that one will conme in handy - i better keep that one)
 a butterfly, 101 dalmations, mushroom inspired by the movie Fantasia...
here are a few of the costumes over the years. we didn't dress up last year and maybe the year before that either? so the first two photos are from a few years ago.
can you guess who we are?

no, those are NOT my boobs! OR my hair! OR my nails!
and NO that is not my husband's hair either!
(tats not real either!)
dog and beth
 from Dog the Bounty Hunter.
remember these guys? the crash test dummies.
i made these costumes with painters overalls.
anyone know who i am? that is my samson next to me.
he was the sweetest cocker spaniel.
this one is ridiculous! what was i thinking? it was inspired by the movie Fantasia.
this was actually about 25 years ago. i remember it being such a pain to wear that gigantic mushroom head!
cruella deville ...
101 dalmations with my cocker spaniel, samson.
he went to work with me that day!


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