Friday, January 6, 2012

happy new year!

hope everyone had a wonderful christmas. and heres hoping for a blessed new year for each of us!
here is a short update on my hand since so many have been emailing me over the holidays.

 my physical therapy has been decreased from 4 time a week to 2 times a week now.
still working on the scar tissue and the dupuytren.
it is preventing me from closing my hand and fingers all the way.
plus there is still some pain b/c the tendons are so tight.
 i go back to the hand surgeon on the 19th of this month.
what a long process. the surgery was in early october.
who knew i would still be struggling with this??!!
but... no more "trigger finger", so that is a good thing!
 just a few complications that the therapist and doctor say will heal in time.

on a more positive note....
we went to the beach after christmas to get away from it all.
here is my favorite photo from the trip. i got up every morning to watch the sunrise.
something i look forward to everytime i visit the beach.

and... i guess tomorrow is the big giveaway. 
 looks like we have 3 comments so far
and i have had a boat load of additions to my circle
and wonderful feedback from my buyers.
so looks like a good number of entries for this month!
good luck to everyone :)

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