Sunday, October 20, 2013

god gave me a blessing this morning!

can anybody relate to a little burnout? don't get me wrong! i LoVe what i do and god has totally blessed me with this crazy fabric envelope idea which turned into a 5 year (and running)
 business for me!
but i do have to admit there are times i get a little tired.
and then i get an email like the one below and it just reminds me of why i do what i do.
 what a joy and a real blessing to me. thanks again, marlys for taking the time to email me.
i needed that! and i hope you email motivates others to keep on track with their budget! your enthusiasm is contagious!
Hi Cathy,

I don't know where to start!  I was sitting here at my desk doing my budget (just started the Dave Ramsey FPU last month) and going through my paper envelopes (my sweet dad gave me the plastic and paper budget system) and thinking, oh gosh, these are FLIMSY and not pretty but it's okay, I am doing my budget... it must be SERIOUS.  

But on a whim I searched Etsy and found your beautiful shop and products, your darling blog and I am seriously so excited I can't even settle down and order properly!  Yes it is serious, but that doesn't mean I can't look at my envelopes with all my hard-earned money and love the colors and patterns!!  OH MY GOSH!!!!
I don't know what colors to order!  I don't know what labels to order!  Everything is SO GORGEOUS!  I loved the pink and brown but then saw the orange set on your blog... oh my gosh!!!  I know you cannot help your customers figure out what colors they like and I will figure that out and order properly but I just had to tell you how happy, happy, happy you made me!

And it's Saturday night, I'm doing my budget, my kids are with their dad and his girlfriend... I wouldn't think this would be a night where I would be bouncing in my desk chair saying, "OH MY GOSH!  OH MY GOSH!"
So... it's my birthday next month and my mom wants to give me some money for something I really want and what I really want is the lovely things you are making!  I AM SO HAPPY!
It's going in the budget November 1st!  I will wait happily all month for it, too!
So now I have two weeks to look over your page, figure out how to put two kid kits in the budget and figure out my patterns and labels!  
Thank you so much for making something pretty... I love Dave Ramsey's program so much and it's been a huge help even though I only started it less than 2 months ago!!! 
Thank you!
Can't wait to order!

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