Wednesday, March 7, 2012

these carrier sets will last for years to come!

today i got an email from a customer (out of the blue)
from my previous shop (crunchycute) (where it all started)
"I am still using this wallet! Love it."
so there you go...
these cash envelopes and carriers will last you for years :)
how sweet was that for her to take the time to let me know that?!

i just LoVe my customers sooo much!

winner of giveaway...

thank you to everyone who left me
 and wonderful feedback
are now in my etsy circle!

critterchickey - email me your address and your 6 categories for your envelopes
and i will get this in the mail to you!

stay tuned for next month's giveaway...
and thanks again :)

new fabrics to be posted soon.
just reaaaalll busy with orders right now!!

featured in Blissfully Domestic this month!

what an adorable blog and soooo much great information!
i could spend hours reading the articles.
if you are interested
here is the link about cash only budgeting and my little shop!

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