Tuesday, September 18, 2012

new fabrics!

just a few more of my newest purchases!
i haven't decided what i will giveaway next month but stay close by and i will post something soon :)
i am still trying to get back in the groove of blogging!

hello again! future giveaway! new fabrics!

hi! i am back!
 yep, i took a looooong summer off from blogging and giveaways
 but i am ready to begin again even bigger and better!
i have been looking high and low for some great new fabrics and even some oldie but goodies (that have been so popular through the years in my shop)
so, to start - i wanted to show you some of both of my recent fabric buys! i can't wait to make a carrier set with the pink prints maybe the carrier with the bird fabric!
 and i have already posted a carrier out of the black and green fabric you see on top.
 it comes with black envelopes and is only 33.97!
plus, i have a lot more new fabrics to post buyt i must get to my sewing for the day!
my next giveaway will be held the first saturday of next month - october 6!
 i will post the giveaway item later tonight!
good to be back :)

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