Tuesday, July 23, 2013

giveaway! EMERGENCY FUND and RECEIPT zipper pouches

It’s a giveaway!
I made these to get my mind off of things during the last few days before we had to say good bye to bella. I thought it would be fun to give them away now. these are laminate/oilcloth fabric. they measure around 5 x 61/2"ish so you can stuff lots of $$ and or receipts in there.

I will be giving both away so you have to let me know (by leaving me a comment on this blog) which one you would like if you should win.
emergency fund pouch

receipts pouch

Yes! I am trying to build up my following in my
1) saving money in style shop  https://www.etsy.com/shop/savingmoneyinstyle.com
2) this blog
and 3) my facebook and 4) twitter sites
and would love for you to be a part of my efforts to

(finally) (maybe) get into social networking! 
 (I just love sewing so much it is hard to stop for tweeting!)
and as a lot of you know - I am quite busy with orders and put that first.
but...since I no longer have miss bella :(  I am thinking I may have a few more minutes
a day. we will see. I have a tendency to fill up my days quickly.

***  There are Lots of ways to enter:

1)     Follow me on this blog!

2)    leave a comment! YAY! THIS ONE WILL THRILL ME.

when you leave a comment - tell me which pouch you would like!
if you do not leave me a comment - I will just choose for you :)

3)    Follow me/Like me on facebook

4)    Follow me on twitter

    5)  Add me to your Favorites under Action on the left hand side of my Saving money in style shop page
    6) leave me feedback on my Etsy shop if you have made a purchase.

If you do all 6 your name will be entered 6 times!

giveaway starts today and will end on august 23rd.

does all that make sense? if not, just email me and I will answer your questions.
I may not be functioning on all cylinders yet!
cathy :)

back from our short getaway

we usually prefer the ocean but since this was just a weekend getaway we did the mountains instead.

this was the best cabin ever. gorgeous views, relaxing hot tub, nice, beautiful lake to cool off in.

just what we needed to take our minds off of bella's going to heaven.

this is in ellijay, georgia a little over an hour's drive from atlanta.

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