Friday, October 28, 2011

bummer day :(

i went back to physical therapy again today. my doctor still says 3 times a week.
i am told that my scar tissue is impeding my progress.
 she says most people are able to close their fingers down to their fist by now.
there is still a lot of scar tissue and bruising in my palm. and it hurts a lot and is so sensitve.

it is a bit discouraging, i must admit. but i am plugging along. sewing is slooow but i am enjoying being at the sewing machine again.
i am thinking of making a big change in my shop.
i am considering only posting items that are completed and ready to ship - rather than the way it is now. now, you can "shop" for all kinds of items and then customers  wait until i can get to their order and then mail it out. i usually run 2 weeks out due to all my orders. (and that is sewing for 6-7 hours a day!)

so i am just thinking of ways to cut back on my sewing hours.
becasue i am not sure if you know this but
the sewing is what got me to the surgery in the first place!
i love it so much but i think i need to work at a slower pace from now on.
quality of life is more important than making a few dollars!

stay tuned. my shop may be changing!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

making room for new fabrics - super duper sale in my shop!!

what do i do when i can't sew??!

here are some of my latest fabrics :)
these will make beautiful designer cash only envelopes and sets!
email me if you would like me to make something for you with any of these

 super cute fabrics!
black and white mudcloth - LoVe this! this would make an amazing carrier for some red and black envelopes!
i have used this fabric a lot! i just needed to restock my stash!
here is a custom set (below) that i made for a customer
sets are more economical when you mix and match designer and solid envelopes!
and a carrier with various designer fabric envelopes
i can see these as the most adorable set of designer envelopes.
mix with solid pinks, reds, blacks and have the cutest set ever!

and i needed some more black and whites so i added a few super cute prints!
i HAD to have this one - the latest trend and such beautiful color combinations!
this would make a perfect carrier. just add coordinating solid envelopes and you have a trendy cash only envelope system!

enough said.... i LoVe purple.

pinks, browns and greens - a perfect combination :)

pinks, browns and turquiose - gorgeous!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

making progress!

went to physical therapy again yesterday.
learned a few more exercises to help with the flexibility of my fingers and palm.
they say i am making good progress.
 i do get impatient sometimes.
 i was told that the palm of the hand is one of the hardest areas to heal.
 NOW they tell me!

the palm tends to want to heal in a relaxed position, rather than open wide
 b/c our hands are rarely wide open during the day.
 i have to wear a splint at night to protect the
wound but  tomorrow they will adjust that splint to keep my hand straight at night.
this will promote the healing in the correct position.
 needless to say - i am not sleeping too soundly these days with a splint strapped to my hand!

i continue with my heat and ice
and daily exercises about 5- 6 times a day.
 so far, so good.
i am motivated.
it has been over 1 1/2 years that i have been dealing with the pain in my right hand,
 so whatever it takes.

and whoo hooo!
i can finally sort of hold my toothbrush in my hand. it is a bit messy but much better than using my left hand! my "fist" is pitiful at this point. i am not able to fully grasp or grip anything. so you can imagine what you would not be able to do!
(i will post a photo so you can see my best "fist" at this point)

the therapist says i will not be back to "normal" for another 3-4 weeks.

i still cannot hold my iron in my right hand for pressing fabric :(
it is a professional (heavy) iron and it actually hurts to pick it up.
and it can be quite awkward and dangerous!
my left hand is trying, but i will look forward
to reaching the goal of  ironing. (never thought i would EVER say that!)

i started using my sewing machine on monday.
my sweet husband is helping me with cutting fabric.
(still a challenge for me)
sewing is sloooooooooooow going.
i am so happy to be able to be working again!

thank you for ALL of your well wishes, words of encouragement, instruction and prayers!!
ya'll have really supported me
you continue to help me get through this :)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

giveaway winner is happy!

" I got the super cute coupon organizer that I won off your blog today - thanks so much - I love it :) "

good news and bad news

the doctor says the incision looks good - it is healing well
but i have a hematoma
hematoma /he·ma·to·ma/ (he″mah-to´mah) a localized collection of extravasated blood, usually clotted, in an organ, space, or tissue.
and the swelling in the hand needs to be better controlled.

the swelling is reducing my ability to increase my
 range of motion and causing pain in the knuckle.
so he wants me to ice and heat the area a few times a day
 plus he gave me a compression glove to reduce swelling.
 (the glove reminds me of ronnie in moonstruck)
if you haven't seen the movie - you should.

the good news is...
 if i can get the swelling down - i can start sewing possibly by monday!
i have 15 orders to get out as of today - so it will be slow going.
 i will probably only be able to tackle one maybe two orders
a day so i will be playing catch up for awhile.
and all of my customers have been so understanding.
that helps me focus on my healing and not on my work load!

off to ice the area :)

back to the doctor and physical therapist today

this is what it looks like today. still cannot grip scissors but i am making progress.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

halloween costumes

while i wait it out and get the "OK" to begin sewing again -
i was going through my costumes yesterday (with my left hand!)
and came across so many memories from years ago!

i LoVe making my own costumes.
my mom always made our costumes for halloween when we were growing up and i thought it was great. my costume was always original - not one of those store bought costumes.
and becasue i worked in the nursing home business for so many years,
i not only dressed up for halloween but also
dressed up for special days like "wear your pajamas to work" or "it's fun to be a kid again day".
and for some reason i have kept most of my costumes.

and yesterday i decided i really didn't need to keep them any longer!
 (well maybe my wigs, long gloves and tiaras...!)

so i threw out my crunchy Janis Joplin hippie costume, scarecrow, little girl dress with pinafore costume (well, maybe that one will conme in handy - i better keep that one)
 a butterfly, 101 dalmations, mushroom inspired by the movie Fantasia...
here are a few of the costumes over the years. we didn't dress up last year and maybe the year before that either? so the first two photos are from a few years ago.
can you guess who we are?

no, those are NOT my boobs! OR my hair! OR my nails!
and NO that is not my husband's hair either!
(tats not real either!)
dog and beth
 from Dog the Bounty Hunter.
remember these guys? the crash test dummies.
i made these costumes with painters overalls.
anyone know who i am? that is my samson next to me.
he was the sweetest cocker spaniel.
this one is ridiculous! what was i thinking? it was inspired by the movie Fantasia.
this was actually about 25 years ago. i remember it being such a pain to wear that gigantic mushroom head!
cruella deville ...
101 dalmations with my cocker spaniel, samson.
he went to work with me that day!


Monday, October 10, 2011

incision site - do not look if you are squeamish! (just in time for halloween)

i have gotten to the place where i can look at it when i wash it and dress it.
i actually thought i was going to faint when i saw it the day after surgery.

making slow progress

so here are the exercises that i was given on thursday (the day after my surgery)
i am supposed to do them 10 times every other hour. i have to say -  even though i was being pretty diligent about doing these exercises - it felt like there was no progress.
 i was getting a little bummed! 
 but then we looked at the photos we had been taking each day.
 and even though it is very small - i can see some progress! i still cannot grasp anything in my right hand like a toothbrush or scissors or a knife or mascara....
it is actually amazing how many things i cannot do well with my left hand!
even brushing my teeth is awkward. and try shaving your left armpit with your left hand.
 not an easy task :)
i go back to the doctor and my pysical therapist on thursday.

my mom cooked for me and my husband for the first 3 days.
she is an angel!
she made beef stew, homemade vegetable soup, cornbread, cinnamon rolls, fruit salad and even brought brownies and ice cream.
(yes, i am sure i have put on a few pounds)
then my husband took over the "cooking" on saturday
. that is when we started having sub sandwiches and baked potatoes!
bless his heart. he has been soooo helpful to me.
from connecting my bra clasp to rubbing my feet.
 he is
 the greatest! i am on my own today  for the first time since the surgery. i am finding out just how many more things that i am unable to do. i do not sit very well.
 and i am quite impatient to get started sewing again.
but i found out this morning that sewing is not in my near future.
 i cannot hold a pair of scissors so cutting fabric is unrealistic.
i cannot hold an iron or thread a needle... anyway. i need to find a good book or a movie i guess.
 photos of my incision site to follow :)  oh boy!

Friday, October 7, 2011

congratulations to kathryn!

you won the large accordion coupon organizer!

warning! the photo below can cause fainting :)

the doctor took the bandage off yesterday. i can hardly look at it. it literally made me light headed.
 i am certainly not meant to work as a nurse or doctor.
 thats me looking away as my husband takes the photo.
 i am still trying not to look at it even though i have to clean it daily.
 physical therapy showed me several exercises to do 10 reps every other hour.
 i do no have much flexibility in my fingers. you can see that the middle one
 (the one i had the most  trouble with) is resisting the most.
today i am able to use both hands for typing but my hand will not open all the way so when i type certain letters - ouch! but there is progress!
 the giveaway is still planned for later today. will talk to you then.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

the surgery was a success

i cannot use my right hand at all right now. it has been 8 hours and my hand is still numb.
i am doing the hunt and peck thing with my left hand so this will be brief!
going tomorrow morning to physical therapy.
 more later.
 so glad it is all over.
 now i concentrate on healing :)

surgery day!

i am on my way out the door to have dr. seiler fix the tendons in my hand!

Saturday, October 1, 2011 it is - "make a fist"

my left hand is fine. my poor little right hand will not close all the way.
the doctor says it is from over use. (sewing!!!)

here is the surgery. ick - i cannot actually watch this.
 but if you are interested:
plus i am having this done at the same time:

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