Thursday, September 1, 2011

hi everyone! my monthly giveaway is still on for the 7th!!

i have not forgotten you! it has just been a wild couple of weeks. my tendonitis has flared up again.
well... here is the info from my shop posting (it will save me some typing with my hand)
my tendonitis has returned with a vengeance :(
after a fairly quiet year of only occasional flare ups.
i have been through therapy, splints and cortisone shots
in hopes of preventing the next step but
my doctor says it may be time for surgery.
so i am on hand rest now.
 i have been in the habit of completing
 4-5 orders a day so
cutting back to 2 orders should help!
 so far, so good.
for those of you who are curious about my ailment  - there is a link!
the tendinitis has created what is called
“trigger finger” or “locking finger” shown in the top two videos.
and yes – it does hurt!
 (the real live illustrations in the link are not for the faint at heart)
so that is what is up with me :(
some of you remember that i had to clsoe my shop for 4 weeks last year when
the problem first reared its ugly head!
i went to the hand doctor this morning and got another cortisone shot.
he was ready to do the surgery - but i guess i am not.
the doctor said the shot will delay surgery for 6-7 weeks
and MAY heal the hand completely this time.
(but he has his doubts)

the giveaway for the 7th is still on!!
so stay tuned. i will probably post it tomorrow.

thanks for all of your thoughts and prayers!
cathy :)

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