Friday, June 8, 2012

choosing the right budget system for you

Saving money in style cash envelope systems:

And easy 1 2 3 to choosing the right system for you!

First decide which type of budgeter you are:

Budget to the detail penny:

those who prefer to keep  coins and paper currency together in the same envelope )


Budget with less detail to the penny:

those who prefer to keep their paper currency separate from the coins )


If you are a budget to the detail penny type then

You will be purchasing envelopes with Velcro. These envelopes have industrial strength (not your grandmother’s Velcro) sewn across the top to keep coins in place.

If you budget with less detail


You will be purchasing envelopes without Velcro and  you will be getting a coin pouch to hold the coins. I offer coin pouches with Velcro  or a zipper whichever you prefer.

Once you have decided what type of budgeter you are:  detailed or not so detailed

................................Have you decided?!

Next decide if you want just the envelopes


if you want a SET which includes envelopes and a carrier or a wrap.

 I also offer envelopes with wraps as an alternative to the carrier for those who have a tight budget.

Some customers just get the envelopes and use their own coin pouch

Some get the envelopes with a wrap..

Others prefer to get a SET and use the carrier as their purse when shopping.  Some even get a  SET plus extra envelopes and a wrap to store those extra just all depends on your preference

After you have decided what type of budgeter you are : detail or not so detail

And have decided if you want just the envelopes or if you would prefer a SET with a carrier

 now you will be shopping for the STYLE of system that you like: DESIGNER /SOLID OR LAMINATE

this is the fun part!

These will all vary in price depending on the fabric type.

The LEAST EXPENSIVE options are

Solid envelopes and carriers or wraps – ( I offer a lighter weight canvas or a heavy weight canvas depending on your budget)


 Laminate/Oilcloth (these do not have velcro envelopes and are for the non detailed folks!)


if you have more money to spend:

The more LUXE options are

Designer fabric’s and carriers - I offer a designer carrier with solid envelopes

 or you can get the most expensive option : a SET with both designer envelops and designer .carrier
okay! sure hope that helped. Now enjoy the shopping and email me with any questions you may have about my products. And thanks for taking the time to read this :)

also if this is confusing - let me know!

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