Saturday, September 29, 2012

Dupuytren's contracture

sadly, the plans i had to start up this blog again for the fall and offer giveaways again has to be put on hold :( but!...i am adding many ReAdy to ShiP items that are ready to go in the mail with Blank Labels. i will be adding many more so stay tuned.i am able to type - just very slowly and in short periods of time.  just check on the left hand side of my store front under Ready To Ship.)
a year ago i had surgery on my right hand for .
it was not really a total success (although it did not affect my ability to do things - especially sew!)
and i am having trouble with that same hand again
 AND also a few fingers on my left hand too.
 i am going on hand rest for several weeks till the end of october to see if i can avoid surgery.
 i have an appt on monday oct. 1. looks like i will start with cortisone shots and go from there.
you can see my progress last year here in this blog.

i know i will be good as new before i know it!
thanks, cathy :)

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