Thursday, October 13, 2011

giveaway winner is happy!

" I got the super cute coupon organizer that I won off your blog today - thanks so much - I love it :) "

good news and bad news

the doctor says the incision looks good - it is healing well
but i have a hematoma
hematoma /he·ma·to·ma/ (he″mah-to´mah) a localized collection of extravasated blood, usually clotted, in an organ, space, or tissue.
and the swelling in the hand needs to be better controlled.

the swelling is reducing my ability to increase my
 range of motion and causing pain in the knuckle.
so he wants me to ice and heat the area a few times a day
 plus he gave me a compression glove to reduce swelling.
 (the glove reminds me of ronnie in moonstruck)
if you haven't seen the movie - you should.

the good news is...
 if i can get the swelling down - i can start sewing possibly by monday!
i have 15 orders to get out as of today - so it will be slow going.
 i will probably only be able to tackle one maybe two orders
a day so i will be playing catch up for awhile.
and all of my customers have been so understanding.
that helps me focus on my healing and not on my work load!

off to ice the area :)

back to the doctor and physical therapist today

this is what it looks like today. still cannot grip scissors but i am making progress.

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