Monday, October 10, 2011

making slow progress

so here are the exercises that i was given on thursday (the day after my surgery)
i am supposed to do them 10 times every other hour. i have to say -  even though i was being pretty diligent about doing these exercises - it felt like there was no progress.
 i was getting a little bummed! 
 but then we looked at the photos we had been taking each day.
 and even though it is very small - i can see some progress! i still cannot grasp anything in my right hand like a toothbrush or scissors or a knife or mascara....
it is actually amazing how many things i cannot do well with my left hand!
even brushing my teeth is awkward. and try shaving your left armpit with your left hand.
 not an easy task :)
i go back to the doctor and my pysical therapist on thursday.

my mom cooked for me and my husband for the first 3 days.
she is an angel!
she made beef stew, homemade vegetable soup, cornbread, cinnamon rolls, fruit salad and even brought brownies and ice cream.
(yes, i am sure i have put on a few pounds)
then my husband took over the "cooking" on saturday
. that is when we started having sub sandwiches and baked potatoes!
bless his heart. he has been soooo helpful to me.
from connecting my bra clasp to rubbing my feet.
 he is
 the greatest! i am on my own today  for the first time since the surgery. i am finding out just how many more things that i am unable to do. i do not sit very well.
 and i am quite impatient to get started sewing again.
but i found out this morning that sewing is not in my near future.
 i cannot hold a pair of scissors so cutting fabric is unrealistic.
i cannot hold an iron or thread a needle... anyway. i need to find a good book or a movie i guess.
 photos of my incision site to follow :)  oh boy!


  1. Glad to hear that you have wonderful people to help take care of you. :) Keep up the exercises and you'll be back to sewing in no time! If I lived near you, I'd have been happy to keep you company and help out. If you haven't read The Help yet, I highly recommend it. Others that I've liked are Sarah's Key (also a movie), Bel Canto, Water for Elephants (also a movie), The Thirteenth Tale, and The Book Thief. Take care!

  2. hi melissa,

    thanks for your email!
    how very sweet of you to give me some suggestions for good reading!
    i just saw The Help and loved it.
    i will check out your other recommendations. this will help me pass the time while i recuperate!

    cathy :)


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