Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Going in a different direction for my sanity

For those of you who are following me - I have been winding down my shop. Not making any new items...but I miss the ability to offer something so functional and helpful to people! So, I think I have come up with an idea that will keep my sanity!
SO here is where I am at this point!

After coming up with the fabric cash envelope idea back in 2008 - I have made hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of sets for people!
I started out using designer fabrics but after a few years I started making more one of a kind sets.
This is where my heart is at this point.
So many have taken the fabric cash envelope idea and started their own shops.
Etsy is saturated with the same old thing.
 And to think back in 2008, I was the only one selling these!

In order to keep my sanity - I am going to focus on making one of a kind sets.
I am going through my stash and finding things I made throughout the years so I will be posting some designer sets along the way.
But - I am going to focus on using my creativity and make these one of a kind, unique sets for those who would like something a little different.
I am trying to keep my prices as low as I can because the pricing has gotten out of hand on Etsy. These sets should be somewhat affordable since we are talking about budgeting! I want you to have something stylish but affordable!

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