Friday, November 9, 2012

GIVEAWAY! TWO Designer Fabric Cash Envelopes

yay!!! another giveaway!

these envelopes are great for use with the dave ramsey financial peace budget system!
learn to ask yourself "is this a want or is this a need?"
 when you shop.
this little question has saved me so much money.
 for example...

i want starbucks but i need coffee! so yes, i allow myself starbucks once a week but i drink folgers or something similar during the week.
this is one of the ways we have become debt free.
beleive me, this cash only budgeting really works!
 it is much harder to hand someone cash as opposed to a credit card.
 you will really learn to pinch a penny.

these giveaway envelopes are labled "groceries" and "clothing".
they are lined with velcro so they will hold your paper currency and your coins.
 i found these cute fabrics last week and just had to make these envelopes.
these will be great to start out with the cash only system. start small and see how you do with two categories. then work your way into your other budget categories.

ways to enter:

do as many of these below as you like increase your chance to win:
1) leave me a comment on my blog.
2) like me on facebook
3) follow me on facebook
4) follow me on twitter
5) add me to your circle on etsy if you are not there already!
6) leave me positive feedback on etsy if you are visiting me after making a purchase.

so you have a chance to be entered 6 times!

giveaway starts today and ends on november 30th at 6:00pm. Open to US and Canada.

hope all that makes sense. email me if you have questions!


  1. Hi Cathy!
    Love your blog facelift! I use your cash envelopes a lot and have given a couple to a SIL and friends (that's why I re-ordered lol)... Glad to see you socializing!

    1. hi, bea! thanks, i am trying to make more time for online socializing and take a break once in awhile from my sewing! thanks for your support. cathy :)

  2. I could use these because I am working toward being debt free!

    I liked you on Facebook :)

  3. Hi Cathy!
    I didn't realize you had a blog! Found you on Etsy, order the oilcloth wallet set, SO IN LOVE with how durable, elegant, and clean it is! My baby loves it too! I am not ideal with the system yet (who is perfect though) but I can honestly say I think more about what I buy. I love the designer wallets you made, so creative and fun! Look forward to seeing more!

  4. just found your etsy store. so pretty. hope to get one soon.

  5. just found your etsy store. envelopes are so pretty!


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