Tuesday, March 29, 2011

hard to keep up!

this blogging thing just may be too much for me!
i  do not seem to have the time to stop and blog on a regular basis :(
i have not put any time into promoting this blog or getting the word out which tells me
it is not much of a priority in my life right now.
 beleive me - i had good intentions :)

but, truth be told...

i would prefer
creating treasures with beading, fabrics, clay...
 studing god's word,
 listening to music,
 going to lunch or breakfast with my girlfriends,
spending time with my family,
decorating my house (i LoVe making my house a home!)
 especially spoiling my husband and bella, the dog.

 i love that part of my life!

sitting at my laptop typing - not so much!
 i tried!
 if you want to follow me - i welcome you! but set your expectations low!
i will come and go from here and will probably never be consistent.
guess i am just not that kind of girl!

hugs to my followers :)


  1. Oh no! I've just found you and already lost you! :)
    Have you considered just doing one post a week? Like every monday or something?
    Soooo bummed I missed out!

  2. yes! i will try to get the hang of this!
    can't promise a specific day but i can promise at least one day a week :) thanks for your support! cathy :)


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