Saturday, March 5, 2011

katie wins the accordion organizer!

i asked my husband to draw the winner and it is Katie.
thanks to everyone who entered! i will be doing a giveaway every week so stay tuned!
(sorry - can't figure out how to rotate the photo!)
katie - email me your mailing addresss to 
 order@savingmoneyinstyle. congratulations!!!!!!!!


  1. Thanks so much! I cannot wait to receive the organizer!:) YAY!

    PS. I sent my address to both and, since I wasn't sure which to send it to, I wasn;'t sure wether you just forgot the .com or the!

  2. Congrats Katie! :0)

    Since Katie wanted the one with the birdie on anything happening with the other one? :0) Will it be in another giveaway or it is in your etsy store for purchase?


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