Sunday, August 7, 2011

is everyone excited about the giveaway today?!!

me too!

my husband and i are about to start watching a movie
but i have my iphone timer on for 5:45 for this afternoon
so i can be prompt in drawing the winner's name!

 (well really my husband will actually draw the name, but you know what i mean!)

i have had so many new entries since my last giveaway.
and lots of folks have 2 and 3 chances to win because they have

1) put me in their Circle on etsy
2) left me feedback for their purchase
3) have become a follower on my blog and left me a nice comment!

i really and truly wish i could give EVERYONE something
 for all of your support and beautiful feedback and comments!

maybe next month i will do several smaller giveaways instead of one big one!?
what do you think?

ok - off to start the movie.
stay tuned - i will be back at 6pm EST
to announce the winner of the cute monkey carrier with envelopes!!

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