Monday, August 1, 2011

new item - oilcloth cash only budget systems!

this is a super cute and more ECONOMICAL option to my
canvas duck cotton sets.
duck cotton fabric prices are on the rise
(is there a shortage of ducks somewhere or something ?!)
so i wanted to find a more frugal option for cash only budgeting.

introducing a set of oilcloth envelopes
for budgeting your money!

this is the best FRUGAL option for the cash only budget
PLUS they are DURABLE and WIPES CLEAN too!
wow! can change out the labels as your budget changes!
i use sticky labels and they adhere to the oilcloth so strongly

and... they can be taken off and changed out as your budget changes!

this system is designed for my CUSTOMERS WHO LIKE TO

COIN POUCH provided in other listings to throw your loose change in while shopping!

1) FIVE designer ENVELOPES made with oilcloth
making these envelopes super duper sturdy AND so cute.
lined with wool felt so currency stays put!
each envelope set comes with a 6 BLANK fancy pants
sticky labels which you can personalize!

these envelopes are coordinating black ,white and red prints.

these envelopes are like little pockets of cute waitng to be filled up with your hard earned money.
durable and washable (!)
and will last for years to come!
and at an economical price!!

(extra fancy pants labels available in my shop!)
or just get some plain white ones at your office supply store!

2) Oilcloth CARRIER with Red Polka Dot Cotton fabric lining
velcro closure
decorative button

3) Oilcloth ZIPPER POUCH to hold coins - unlined.
plenty of room for cards, drivers license...

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